Breads 'n' threads.... From baked goods to fabrics...This is the place to be...

Welcome to the FAQ page...

Q: Where can we purchase your items??
A: Well we will be participating in a few craft fairs. The first one will probably be in December 2011.

Q; Are your products washable?
A: The breads are not washable of course, but the threads will be ok if handwashed. Do not machine wash or place in dryer.

Q: Are you selling things other than breads and threads?
A: Yes we are. So far we have candy on a stick. Keep checking in the Much Much More section as we might add more!

Q:  Will you be providing recipes for your products?
A: Sorry, we want our information to be kept secret. 

Q: My friend is wondering if you can cater for us for desert at a party. Can you?
A: It depends on the amount of people and the date. If its less thank 10 people, we probably can.